Weimaraners in Field Trials: Season 2013/14

Weimaraners in Field Trials: Season Summary 2013/14

The 2013/14 Field Trial season saw a mini-resurgence in the number of Weimaraners being trialled, with 20 handlers running 24 dogs, and 8 handlers winning 17 awards with 9 dogs. With 24 dogs running, this was the second highest total of Weimaraners being trialled in a season since the 1997/98 season.

The previous season saw 12 handlers run 20 dogs with 6 of those handlers picking up a total of 12 awards in Novice (10) and All-Aged trials (2) with 7 dogs.

The 2013/14 awards break down as follows:



















The Novice first place was Suzi Burton’s Trubon Flysse Trevive (b) (dob: 11/4/2011) under judges A Russell and P Smith at a Dukeries (Notts) field trial at Blenheim, Oxfordshire. Flysse joins Suzi’s Trubon Delta Truffe who achieved Open Stake status the previous season.

Flysse picked up 5 Novice awards, and two in All-Aged, making 7 in total for the season to add to Delta’s 2nd place in All-Aged. So Suzi Burton’s two dogs won 8 of the 17 awards to Weimaraners during the season. The remaining 9 awards were shared between 7 dogs. Phil Ross’s Enryb House Party At Clannliath (d) picked up 3 awards, so the remaining 6 award winning dogs had one award apiece.

The 24 dogs had 77 runs during the season.

Weimaraner All-Time Field Awards Tables:

Phil Ross and Suzi Burton were already featured in the top 20 of the WATFA Table for Handlers as the season got under way.

Suzi’s 8 awards in the 2013/14 season earned her an additional 141 points, to bring her All-Time tally to 1,032 points, and strengthens her position at first place in the table.

Phil’s season tally was 39 points to bring his All-Time score to 226, all with the same dog, Enryb House Party At Clannliath (d). Phil improved on his handler’s placing by moving from 10th to 7th place, and his dog, Chester, moved from 9th to 5th place in the WATFA Table for Dogs.

Trubon Flysse Trevive (b) collected 109 points which elevated the bitch from 44th (Tier 3) into the top 20 WATFA Table for dogs at 11th with 144 points. Flysse’s elevation into the top 20 squeezed out Jo Hall’s Yaxi Von Stern Weiss (d) and Costas Wilkinson’s Vanwilkie Nearly Napoleon (d) which had previous joint occupancy of the 20th position. Trubon Delta Truffe (b) earned 32 points to elevate herself to 13th , up three places on 133 points.

The only other upward movement in the WATFA Top 20 Tables was handler Chris Spree, whose bitch Gunalt Crystal Tipple won a CoM and 10 points to improve Chris’s position from 20th to joint 15th on 95 points in the Handler’s Table.

Nigel Wroe

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