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Water Proficiency Testing for HPRs

Kassie Boreham FT

HPRFTA Conference 2015 (08/02/2015) WATER PROFICIENCY TESTING FOR THE HPR I want to state my position on the question of the water test applicable for field trials. I think we are all agreed that the HPR of whatever breed should be proficient to retrieve from and over water. It is written as a basic requirement […]

Working Tests – A Personal Introduction

Working Tests – A Personal Introduction or How it all started When I started out I had been involved with weimaraners for over 10 years, and, as many dog owners would do, followed the “obedience” route when undertaking structured training for my first weimaraner, Storm. It wasn’t until I decided to add Misty, a show […]

Training the Weimaraner

Training the Weimaraner In my opinion the Weimaraner, along with the other HPR breeds in the UK, has not suffered the schism common to some breeds of gundog in the other gundog groups, and become separated into distinct “working” and “show” types. Although it is true to say those who work their HPR will proudly […]