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HPR Spring Pointing Tests

HPR Spring Pointing Test Guidelines The emphasis of these tests is to be on the natural working ability of the dog on open ground assessing ground treatment, hunting and pointing with an element of steadiness. Spring Pointing Tests are an evaluation of potential in a pointing dog. Dogs to be run and graded as individuals […]

Working Tests – A Personal Introduction

Working Tests – A Personal Introduction or How it all started When I started out I had been involved with weimaraners for over 10 years, and, as many dog owners would do, followed the “obedience” route when undertaking structured training for my first weimaraner, Storm. It wasn’t until I decided to add Misty, a show […]

The Brittany Club – GWT 25/05/2008


Personal Commentary: Other than the WCGB ToW day recently at Tenterden, this was Misty’s first competitive working test among other breeds, guests of the Brittany Club of GB. We had a great morning (and afternoon which cost me my visit to Wembley – cry!). We thought it would be all over by 13:00 but it […]