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The Pointer of Weimar

1915 – Pointer of Weimar: Colour: Varies from silver grizzle to mouse grizzle, often clearer on the head and on the ears. White patches on the chest and feet are objectionable, and tan markings are decided faults. Height: 26 in. Weight: 70 lbs In general appearance the dog of Weimar is of medium size but […]

The Weimaraner – UK Breed Standard

UK Breed Standard

General Appearance: Medium sized, grey with light eyes. Presents a picture of power; stamina and balance Characteristics: Hunting ability of paramount importance Temperament: Fearless, friendly, protective, obedient and alert. Head and Skull: Moderately long aristocratic: moderate stop, slight medium line extending back over forehead. Rather prominent occipital bone. Measurement from top of nose to stop […]