Weimaraners in UK Field Trials: Season 2018/19

Weimaraners in Field Trials: Season Summary 2018/19:

Hunting Weimaraner Introduction:

For an explanation of how these tabulations are arrived at, please see the section entitled “Basis of Preparation – Background” at the end of this document.

Field Trial Season 2018/19:

As far as can be ascertained, 10 Weimaraners ran in field trials in the 2018/19 season. With six dogs featuring in the 11 awards, under four handlers, with the highest award being a 4th place in Open achieved by Burton’s Trubon Flysse Trevive (b) (b 11/04/2011) at the BWWGS Open at Cornwood, Devon on 24/10/2018 under judges M Firmin and R Chellumbrun.

In the preceding season, 13 handlers ran 15 dogs, with 4 dogs featuring in the awards to 3 handlers. In 2017/18 a total of 11 awards were made

Field Trial Season 2018/19 Awards:

The season’s first award to a Weimaraner went to Burton’s Trubon Grafyte Treve (d) (b 13/09/2014) when he secured a 3rd place in the N&SHPRFTC’s Novice field trial on 1st October 2018 at Glemham Estate, under judges R Dockwray and H Lampart.

This was followed up in quick succession with a 4th place in the GSPA All Aged field trial at Hawkhurst, Kent on 02/10/2019, under judges F Alcock and G Saint. On 08/01/2019, in another All Aged at the same venue at the LMC trial under judges S Kimberley and A Parr, Graf achieved a second place.

Graf gained a further two awards over the remainder of the season, a 3rd in the HVC All Aged trial at Plumpton College on 17/01/2019 under judges J Field and A Parr, and a CoM in the GSPC Open trial at Stow Bardolph on 29/01/2019 under judges N Cox and S Robson.

At season’s end, Trubon Grafyte Treve was awarded the Weimaraner Association’s Pharisees Cup for outstanding performance in field trials for 2018/19. Graf was the top performing Weimaraner in field trials and secured recognition as FT Hunting Weimaraner of the Season 2018/19. With Suzi Burton being the top FT handler in 2018/19.

A notable achievement in his first season of HPR trialling was made by handler Austin Lindley, with Trubon Harleigh Trojan (d) (27/03/2016), (sired by Trubon Graf Treve). Harleigh secured a 1st place under judges R Dockwray and B Dymond, at an HVC Novice trial at Hawkhurst, Kent in one of the last trials of the season, (while his sire Graf was earning a CoM in an Open trial (discussed above)). This first place added to the second place earned at a HWVC Novice trial at Bridgham on 14/01/2019 under judges R Gould and S Pleasance.

At season’s end Austin was awarded the Weimaraner Association’s Brandon Trophy for the Novice Handler making the most progress during the 2018/19 season.

A summary of all the Weimaraners in the awards during 2018/19 is at Annexe 1 to this document.

The 2018/19 awards can be summarized as follows:
























Six dogs under four handlers secured the above awards.

In 2017/18 3 Handlers running 15 dogs secured 11 awards.

Weimaraner All-Time Field Awards Tables:


The 36 points earned over the 2018/19 season by Trubon Flysse Trevive consolidated her position at 2nd in the WATFA table for dog on 512 points, gaining ground on FT Ch Wobrooke of Fleetapple, “Brooke”, who has been All Time Leading Weimaraner since 1984. There is just 12 points separating these two dogs. Flysse, already All Time Most Awarded Weimaraner with 28 awards, could reach the pinnacle in the 2019/20 season. FT Ch Wobrooke of Fleetapple has achieved 23 field trial awards in his lifetime.

Two seasons ago, Trubon Grafyte Treve was at 33rd place in the All Time Table for Dogs, and by winning 48 points in the 2017/18 season, he was propelled to 19th place in that season Table for Dogs. This season, his tally of 107 points has launched him into 8th place.

Trubon Harleigh Trojan’s season 2018/19 tally of 45 points puts him at 4th place in the fourth tier.

Bakker’s Ostara Van De Tuindershof tops the second-tier table for dogs on 101 points.


The 143 points earned in 2018/19 by handler Suzi Burton’s two dogs strengthened her leadership of the WATFA table for handlers with a lifetime to date tally of 1,695 points.

Ostara Van De Tuindershof’s 16 points from her All Aged win elevated handler Kimm Bakker to 16th in the handlers table, from 22nd place previously.

Handler Austin Lindley’s season tally of 45 points puts him at 34th in the WATFA table for handlers.

Basis of Preparation – Background:

The Hunting Weimaraner maintains a database of UK Field Trial Awards for Weimaraners and their handlers, originally compiled in 2012 from a variety of historical sources, and updated each field trial season since then from ongoing field trial results.

Season and all-time rankings are then calculated for dogs and handlers based on a weighted points allocation determined by the place in the awards and the stake at which the awards were earned. These tables are known as the WATFA tables, (Weimaraner All-Time Field Award tables).

The WATFA tables, and the database from which they are derived make it possible to compare the relative achievements of Weimaraners and their handlers in field trials, over the years, and for each season. Other field awards, such as those earned at Gundog Working Tests and Pointing Tests do not feature in the Hunting Weimaraner database, although the various Weimaraner breed clubs will make annual awards based on results in all three field disciplines.

HPR field trials can be held on game in the UK from the 12th August to 1st February following, inclusive. These dates are aligned to the UK shooting season. The collection of data concerning Weimaraners running in field trials in any season relies on the goodwill of owner/handlers and other HPR enthusiasts sending notice of the participation of Weimaraners, and of awards, to the writer. There are other, ad hoc sources, but no publicly available central repository of field trial runners and handlers. Errors and omissions are possible and the writer would be pleased to receive notices of such to allow any corrections to be made.

Nigel Wroe

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