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1. WCGB Yearbook 1953 – 1973

2. This article refers variously to Weimaraner All Time Field Awards (“WATFA”) tables. These have been compiled by and are copyright of the author, and not to be reproduced without written permission. Various tables, for dogs, for owner-handlers etc. have been generated by ascribing points to the various stakes related award places and aggregating them, ranking dog or owner-handler accordingly. The points system is loosely based on the WCGB annual awards points system. The principal focus in the narrative has been to focus on the top twenty dogs and their owner-handlers.

3. In UK field trials an award is any place in a Stake decided by the Judges, which may be a 1st through to 4th. No joint placing is permitted and it is possible for the best dog to be awarded less than a first. A certificate of merit (“CoM”) may, at the discretion of the Judges, be conferred to any number of dogs. Technically a CoM is not an “award”, it is a certificate per the Kennel Club J-Regulations. Throughout this article CoM’s have been referred to and evaluated as awards, and in the WATFA points tables do carry award points dependent on the stake.

4. Reference is made to “owner-handler” throughout the narrative. Generally the handler will be the owner of the dog, but on occasion, the dog may have been handled other than by the owner. No distinction is made in the originating records of such occurrences, and accordingly none can be made in this narrative.

5. The names and titles of dogs featured in this analysis are as per the original records. Many dogs would go on to win other titles (eg CDEX, UDEX), or have the show “Sh” prefix removed by virtue of winning a Qualifying Certificate, or mainstream field (FT) award. These later name adjustments are generally not updated by subsequent achievements, unless for example the “FT Ch” prefix is added.

6. Owner-handler names may have changed over the years due to marriage etc. I have tried to allow for this and identify a person by their later name where possible, simply so that a long record of achievement can be aggregated under the later name.


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