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Weimaraner Field Trial Firsts:

Kimm Bakker & Tara

Weimaraner Field Trial Firsts: HPR Field Trials: Along with the German Short Haired Pointer, the Weimaraner has a long history in trialling in the UK. When the first Weimaraners were imported into the United Kingdom in 1952, there was no such thing as Field Trials for dogs which Hunt, Point and Retrieve. Weimaraners ran in […]

Water Proficiency Testing for HPRs

Kassie Boreham FT

HPRFTA Conference 2015 (08/02/2015) WATER PROFICIENCY TESTING FOR THE HPR I want to state my position on the question of the water test applicable for field trials. I think we are all agreed that the HPR of whatever breed should be proficient to retrieve from and over water. It is written as a basic requirement […]

Weimaraners in Field Trials: Season 2014/15

Kimm Bakker & Tara

Weimaraners in Field Trials: Season Summary 2014/15 The prospects for Weimaraners for the 2014/15 trialling season augured well following the achievements of the breed in the previous season which saw 8 handlers win 17 awards with 9 dogs. The season just ended was on the face of it not quite as spectacular as the mini-resurgence […]