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A Trialling Week

Day 1 – 4th Nov – First port of call was the GSPC All Aged FT at Lauder. There was plenty ground for the dogs and we would just have to wait and see what the game situation would be. We were well into the card and dogs were finding game, but regardless of the […]

The Brittany Club – GWT 25/05/2008


Personal Commentary: Other than the WCGB ToW day recently at Tenterden, this was Misty’s first competitive working test among other breeds, guests of the Brittany Club of GB. We had a great morning (and afternoon which cost me my visit to Wembley – cry!). We thought it would be all over by 13:00 but it […]

The Working Weimaraner

The Working Gundog: In the context of the HPR, the term “working” is generally taken to mean that the dog is exercising its natural aptitude to hunt, point and, being shot over, retrieve fallen game, whether this game be fur or feather. The HPR is a variable-range dog that will work the wind and adjust […]