The 1970s – Getting On

The 1970s – Getting On

In the 1970s 15 handlers ran 18 dogs to share 29 awards in trials run by 4 HPR clubs and the L&BGA. The HPR clubs were the WCGB, GSPC, GSPA and the HVC. The 29 field trial awards were three 1sts, two seconds, and two thirds in Novice and fourteen Reserves or CoMs. There was a 3rd and a CoM in All-Aged, and two 2nds and four CoMs in Open.

On 7th October 1972 Lt. Col. HD Tucker’s Lotti Go-Lightly won a 1st place at a WCGB Novice Field Trial at Flixton, Suffolk, under judges Mrs M Sanderson and G Sherring.

On 20th October 1973 Mrs VJ Sutton (later O’Keeffe) won a CoM with Grinshill Malplaquet Of Castle Garnstone (d) CDEX (later also UDEX), to make breed history by winning awards in working and in field work.

In October 1974, Trevor Horsefield’s legendary dog, Waldemar Titus (d) (born 10/09/1970) won his first field trial award, a CoM under judges Mrs L Petrie-Hay and G Sherring at a WCGB Novice Stake at Flixton, Suffolk. JM Jeffrey’s dog Ambersbury Melot was also awarded a CoM at the same trial.

The following season Waldemar Titus went on to win another three CoMs and a Reserve in Novice trials. In a three year trialling period he picked up further awards including a 1st place in a GSPC Novice stake at Eyke, Hollesley under judges Mrs L Petrie-Hay and Maj. G. Wilkinson MBE (27/11/1976). Prior to this 1st place in Novice, the dog had won a second place in an Open stake at the GSPA’s trial at Laughton, Lincolnshire, Judges IET Sladden and G Roberts officiating (02/10/1976). A year later Titus won another 2nd place in the GSPA Open stake at the same venue, again under IET Sladden, with R Miles also judging.

Waldemar Titus appears at 11th with 139 points (64 at Open level) in the WATFA table for dogs. Trevor went on to honour Titus by dedicating a WCGB annual award, The Titus Trophy, for achievements in the field, and this has become the most coveted of all Weimaraner Club awards by those who compete their dogs in the field.

Titus sired among others, Hillbrow Quest (b) which, at just under two years of age and handled by Trevor, won a 1st place in a WCGB Novice stake at Dullingham in October 1977, under judges Mrs L Petrie-Hay and CL Church. Hillbrow Quest earned a CoM in a WCGB Open stake a year or so later.

The 1978/79 field trial season saw the emergence of Fossana Algenon (d), handled by Richard Jupp, with a 3rd place in a GSPC Novice stake at Braintree, Essex. Fossana Algenon would go on to collect another 6 field awards including two second places in Novice stakes, and two CoMs in Open. Fossana Algenon currently stands at 14th in the WATFA table for dogs on 107 points (32 at Open level).


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