The 2010s – A Possible Trend Reversal?

The 2010s – Poised For A Possible Trend Reversal

Four seasons* into the current decade 11 handlers have won 46 awards with 17 dogs. Two first places have been won so far, one in Novice, Ms S Burton’s Trubon Delta Truffe (b) “Delta”, and one in an All-Aged trial by Ms S Burton’s Trubon Chyna Treasa (b) (but now retired).

In all Suzi Burton’s Trubon dogs account for 18 of the 46 awards won so far this decade. Chyna accounts for 8 awards, Delta 6 awards, Trubon Flysse Trevive (b) 3, with a 3rd and two CoM’s in Novice, and Trubon Eissmann Trevan (d) with a Novice CoM. Delta is currently positioned at 16th in the WATFA table for dogs on 101 points.

Phil Ross’s Enryb House Party At Clannliath (d) “Chester” has won 12 awards this decade to add to the two won in the 2000s. As stated earlier, Chester is currently 9th in the WATFA table for dogs, and joint fourth in the WATFA table for total awards with 14 awards.

Five dogs have won 2nd places in Novice, Delta and Chester, and the late BI Dwingelo-Lutten’s Haselunne Heidelbeere (b), NR Wroe’s Bastillian Lady Kasshilde (b), and M Ede’s American import Silvershot’s Semper Fi for Kasmegs (d).

Two dogs have achieved 3rd place in Novice trials, NR Wroe’s Blenweim Sweet Lady of Bastillian (b) (twice) and Ms S Burton’s Trubon Flysse Trevive (b).

Fourth placed Novice winners have already been mentioned, Enryb House Party At Clannliath (d) (twice) and Aschfahl Foresters Fancy (b) handled by Mrs C Carpenter.

Twenty-eight of the 46 awards so far this decade have been CoMs, mostly at Novice level, but five have been at All-Aged and three at Open level. All but three owner-handlers winning CoMs have tasted higher success with the same or other dogs, so with better luck most of those 20 Novice level CoMs might have been full awards.

Of the 46 awards, 32 have been at Novice level, 10 have been at All-Aged and 4 at Open.

Of the 11 handlers who have won awards so far this decade, 6 were new to field trial success although all have been in the breed for many years. They have tasted success at field trials with their Weimaraners and their experience is growing and may well secure more awards in the remainder of the decade.

Eight of the 17 dogs which have won awards so far this decade were under 5 years of age and can reasonably be expected to add to the awards tally in the remainder of the decade. Competition from other HPR breeds is intense, so nothing can be taken for granted.

Undoubtedly the 1980s was the peak decade for the hunting Weimaraner, in terms of the number of dogs, handlers and awards won. These numbers have been in decline ever since, although the winning record since then of Suzi Burton, Dave Pilkington, Christine Carpenter and latterly Phil Ross have kept the award numbers and level of achievement respectable compared with all other HPR breeds, save for the GSP. There are some experienced handlers, some from days of yore, carefully and diligently nudging their young dogs towards field trial competition. There are also a number of newer entrants who have gained field trialling experience in recent years and who are surely on the verge of obtaining awards.

With a few notable exceptions, it is now rare to find proven achievement in the field recorded in the immediate pedigrees of dogs currently being competed although Natural Aptitude Testing of puppies and junior dogs reveal an encouraging degree of innate hunting instinct. Some owner-handlers have sought to re-introduce the perceived hunting drive seen in the earlier generations of Weimaraners by outcross to Continental lines.

The Field Trial Sub-Committee of The Weimaraner Club of Great Britain is extremely active under their FT Secretary, Suzi Burton, in providing opportunities for new entrants. There are three other Weimaraner breed clubs with access to experienced trialling members or committee members. It is perfectly feasible for ALL UK Weimaraner clubs to fully and energetically embrace the vision of the founders of the Weimaraner breed in the UK to make hunting with Weimaraners of PARAMOUNT CONCERN.

Nigel Wroe


(* To 2012/13 Season)

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