Weimaraners in UK Field Trials: Season 2016/17

Field Trial Season 2016/17:

Twelve handlers ran 16 dogs, with 5 dogs featuring in the awards to 3 handlers. In total 17 awards were made which is a significant improvement on the tally of 6 awards from two dogs and two handlers in the 2015/16 season.

The breed highlight of the season was the outstanding performance of Silvershot’s Semper Fi For Kasmegs (d) (b 18/04/2008) imported and handled by Mike Ede from United States breeders Judy Balog, Gerald & Teresa Gertiser.

Fi’s first ever FT award was a second place in a WCGB Novice trial at Cranbourne, Dorset attained at the age of 4 ¾ years on 07/01/2013 under judges F Wensley and S Kimberley. Followed up just over a year later by a 4th place in Novice under judges S Kimberley and R Davies at a WGS Novice trial at Woolhope, Herefordshire. The dog was not extensively trialled again until the current (2016/17) season under review. That is not to say that the dog was not worked however and his training continued unabated.

This paid off with a 2nd place in a WCGB Novice trial under judges S Burton and N Wroe at Titsey in Kent on 20/10/2016. A month later on 25/11/2017 Fi secured a 1st place in a Novice trial with the BWWGS at Evesham under judges S Chant and S Kirby. Having won out of Novice with this 1st place, Fi was entered in a WCGB All Aged trial at Little Pix Hall, Hawkhurst, Kent on 20/12/2017 and was rewarded with a 1st place by judges C Wilkinson and A Jones. The author, also competing at this trial, was heard to suggest in all seriousness to Mike that he should now go on to win a first in an Open trial at the next opportunity, and lo, this came to pass three weeks later on 05/01/2017 at a HGS Open trial at Calbourne on the Isle of Wight, under judges S Kimberley and M Spearing. That first place qualified Fi for the HPR Championship in November 2017, and in UK field trialling parlance, also gave Fi “a leg up” to becoming a field trial champion, which would be secured by attaining a second 1st place in Open, or even an outright win at the 2017 Championship.

The season’s first award went to Trubon Flysse Trevive (b) (b 11/04/2011) bred, owned and handled by Suzi Burton. This was a 4th place in an HVC All Aged stake at Little Pix Hall, Kent on 11/10/2016 under judges R Howard and L Brown.

Within the fortnight, Suzi had travelled to Burncastle, Berwickshire for a GSPC Open trial on 22/10/2016, securing a 4th place under judges M Nixon and P Pickstone. During November Flysse picked up two Open CoMs. The first at a WCGB trial on 05/11/2016 at Langholm, Dumfriesshire, under judges P Pearson and S Pleasance. That trial going down in HPR trialling history as all 12 dogs went home with awards. The second CoM came at a GLPC trial at Elveden Estate on 24/11/2016 under judges S Kuban and M Firmin.

January 2017 saw Flysse pick up 3 awards in All Aged trials. Starting with a 2nd place at a GSPA trial at Little Pix Hall on 17/01/2017 under judges C Snelling and C Carpenter. Then a CoM on 20/01/2017 at a BWWGS trial at Upton Pyne, Exeter under judges R Howard and T Bennett. Flysse then crowned the season on 24/01/2017 at a WCGB All Aged trial at Conghurst, Kent. Judges R Howard and L Brown awarding a 1st place. The season tally of 7 awards to Trubon Flysse Trevive brought her lifetime to date total of 21 awards, with 8 being in Novice, 8 in All Aged, and 5 in Open.

Semper Fi For Kasmegs and Trubon Flysse Trevive accounted for 11 of the 17 awards made to Weimaraners in the 2016/17 season.

Ignaheims Bolt to Parhelis (Imp Nor) (d) (b 09/05/2012) owned by Sally Morgan and handled by husband Adrian secured the first 1st place of the season at a L&BGA Novice trial at Dumfries House on 22/10/2016 under judges G card and K Hamilton.

In addition to the 7 awards from Trubon Flysse Trevive, handler Suzi Burton secured a further 5 awards with two other home bred dogs. Trubon Delta Truffe (b) (b 05/05/2008) won an Open CoM at the WCGB trial on 05/11/2016 judged by P Pearson and S Pleasance at which all 12 dogs were rewarded. Delta had also competed in the 2016 HPR Championship in November.

Trubon Grafyte Treve (d) (b 13/09/2014) out of Semper Fi For Kasmegs and Trubon Delta Truffe, picked up his first ever field trial award, a CoM, on 17/12/2016 at a HWVA Novice stake at Ammerdown, Somerset under judges S Kimberley and M Spearing. Graf was to pick up a further two awards at this venue. Judges S Kuban and A Parr awarded a Novice 2nd place on 29/12/2016, and on 09/01/2017 judges A Hender and B Pearson awarded a CoM at a BWWGS Novice trial.

On 17/01/2017 at the same GSPA All Aged trial at Little Pix Hall at which judges C Snelling and C Carpenter awarded Trubon Flysse Trevive a 2nd place, Graf picked up another CoM.

By season’s end 16 dogs had competed under 12 handlers over 59 runs, with 4 dogs under 3 handlers picking up 17 awards. In the preceding season 13 dogs had competed under 9 handlers over 56 runs, with 2 dogs under 2 handlers picking up 6 awards.

Trubon Flysse Trevive was confirmed by the records as the “FT Hunting Weimaraner”, and her handler, Suzi Burton as “FT Hunting Weimaraner Handler” of the 2016/17 season. This pairing the same as in the previous season.

The 2016/17 awards can be summarized as follows:
























In 2015/16 2 Handlers running 2 dogs secured 6 awards.

Weimaraner All-Time Field Awards Tables:

The 160 points earned over the 2016/17 season by Trubon Flysse Trevive (b) elevated her from 6th position to 2nd in the WATFA table for dogs, leapfrogging kennel mate Trubon Arade Tribute (b) previously positioned at 2nd.

The 125 points earned over the 2016/17 season by Silvershot’s Semper Fi for Kasmegs (d) elevated the dog from 52nd place in the WATFA table for dogs to 13th place.

The 56 points earned in the season by Trubon Grafyte Treve (d) placed the dog 33rd in the WATFA table for dogs.

The Novice FT win by Ignaheims Bolt to Parhelis (Imp Nor) (d) earned him 25 points and places the dog at 19th in the 3rd tier of the WATFA table for dogs.

The 16 points earned over the season by Trubon Delta Truffe (b) allows her to move up one place to 11th in the WATFA table for dogs.

The 232 points earned by handler Suzi Burton strengthened her leadership of the WATFA table for handlers. Silvershot’s Semper Fi for Kasmegs’ 125 points over the season elevated handler Mike Ede to 11th in the handlers table, from 39th place previously. Handler Adrian Morgan’s Novice 1st place with Ignaheims Bolt to Parhelis (Imp Nor) adds to the Novice CoM won by Parhelis Duke Leto, and Adrian now stands at 18th in the 2nd tier of the WATFA table for handlers.

* Disclaimer: The results and other statistics cited in this article are based on information received in good faith and is published subject to E&OE.

Nigel Wroe

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